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Subject: Jabber Notification
Jabber is an instant messaging (IM) protocol, similar to MSN or ICQ or AIM or Y! or whatever.  This forum supports it, messaging you instant-like when something on the forum is updated with replies to your watched threads.

I think.

In reality no one uses Jabber except me and like 2 other guys, and I'm just turned it on now for the first time, and I'm not really sure what it will actually do.

Jabber is the protocol used by Google's GTalk

It's also supported by Miranda, my favourite IM client.  Miranda's great 'cause you can run ALL your IMs in one window: MSN, ICQ, Gtalk, etc etc.  It's also immune from that nasty MSN virus that's been going around.

In any case, it's active now, and I'll be using it myself 'cause it's even faster than the already-awesome RSS feeds which I'm sure no one but me uses.

Note!  You can enable Jabber notification in your user profile.
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i use RSS!!! otherwise i would get RSI lurking all the time! :-p
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