Google + Australia = Sucks

When I search Google for information about all I get are endless seas of links to pages selling the item, or worse, endless links to pages that have machine-created templates with inserted in the appropriate spaces. Like reviews sites which reveal, upon a visit, that “There are no reviews yet. Why not be the first to review ?” All Google offers is page after page of this bullshit.
It’s enough to make me think that perhaps I shouldn’t be relying on Google anymore. Giving me a thousand useless links goes beyond the disappointment of no results at all, it’s actively offending my with attempts to sell me things when I’m not looking to buy. If I go to a shop with a thousand salespeople trying to hassle me before I even see on the shelf, well, it’ll be my last trip to that shop.
What’s weird though is results from a computer in another country return useful information first, with sales and spammy sites much farther down.
Somehow Google’s algorithms have made things useless for me. It’s not me, I am logged in so Google knows who I am in both countries. It’s Australia. Google’s machines have decided Australians just wanna consume shit and not learn about it first.
Yay! Australia!

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