Cactus Radio Trigger for Ricoh Theta S

by NFG - 29th August 2016 in Camera, Hard Hackin, Hardware, Photography, Technology

Recently I picked up a Ricoh Theta S 360-degree camera. You can read my experience with the Theta S if you’re curious. It’s pretty cool and Ricoh has been good about supporting it with different ways to use it. One […]

Getting to know the Cactus V6 (again)

by NFG - 3rd October 2015 in Hard Hackin, Hardware, Photography, Review, Tech

I don’t know what happened, but the original of this article has evaporated into the internet ether. Let’s all thank the internet archive and maybe give them some money. Anyway, the Cactus V6! — The Cactus V6 transceiver is a […]

Car Stereo Hacking (again)

by NFG - 13th September 2015 in Hard Hackin, Hardware, Sound

You might remember I hacked up the stereo in my car a while back (but you probably don’t). Long story short, my new-to-me Honda CR-V had a steering-wheel stereo control that used two wires to communicate with the stock head […]

For Want of a Button

by NFG - 21st May 2015 in Hard Hackin, Mobile Devices

I recently purchased a Galaxy Note 4 phone, and I love it. It’s an amazing piece of hardware let down only by Samsung’s inability to write useful software. Or perhaps it makes as much sense to say that Samsung can’t […]

Repairing Robotron

by NFG - 15th January 2014 in Games, Hard Hackin, Hardware

As far as I’m concerned the best game ever made is Robotron, an 8-bit arcade game from 1982. Two joysticks, no buttons, and more than a hundred baddies on a single screen. It’s intense and it’s awesome. My PCB has […]

Hacking car stereos

by NFG - 30th September 2013 in Hard Hackin

I recently bought a new car (A 2005 Honda CR-V), and it had steering wheel controls for the stock stereo. The stock stereo totally sucked though, so I replaced it, and of course the steering wheel controls stopped working. Luckily […]

My doorbell broke.

by NFG - 23rd August 2004 in Hard Hackin

My doorbell ceased to function a few days ago. I only noticed ’cause, as a complete fluke, I happened to be on my way out the door when a delivery arrived. The first time I watched the guy through the […]

Sega Saturn Switchless Mod: Done!

by NFG - 23rd July 2004 in Hard Hackin

Someone recently asked me to modify their US Sega Saturn with one of my switchless mods and last night I did it. Since my camera’s in the shop, I had to use my celphone to take pics. It did a […]

V-601SH speaker killswitch

by NFG - 23rd July 2004 in Hard Hackin

My phone makes a loud chime sound whenever I take a picture, as part of an anti-upskirt measure all Japanese cellphone makers adopted. I’m not particularly against this, tho it’d have been nicer if I could choose my own sound… […]

Another laptop falls!

by NFG - 11th July 2004 in Hard Hackin

Today I got sick of the loose power connector on this IBM thinkpad laptop (i-series, model 1445 if you care) so I took it’s ass apart and beat it into repaired submission. The IBM is a piece of junk compared […]