Cactus Radio Trigger for Ricoh Theta S

by NFG - 29th August 2016 in Camera, Hard Hackin, Hardware, Photography, Technology

Recently I picked up a Ricoh Theta S 360-degree camera. You can read my experience with the Theta S if you’re curious. It’s pretty cool and Ricoh has been good about supporting it with different ways to use it. One […]

Ricoh Theta S Review

by NFG - 24th August 2016 in Camera, Hardware, Review, Technology

A few years ago I heard about the Theta camera from Ricoh. Not much larger than two large fingers side by side, it offered two 360-degree cameras, one on each side, for one-button surround panorama photos. Damned cool, thought the […]

Some new pictures

by NFG - 1st December 2006 in Camera

I took some new pictures recently. I’m particularly proud of the first one, a Spotted Katydid. The next is a Jewel Spider, then an unidentified grey spider, and finally some sort of beetle… You can click them for larger images. […]

Getting a new camera

by NFG - 3rd January 2006 in Camera

I’m going to get a new camera. I probably won’t be able to afford it until I get paid for the book, but that said I can’t really afford anything until I get paid for the book. Moving on: I […]

New Camera

by NFG - 18th November 2004 in Camera

I’m desperately keen on the new JVC video camera, the Everio MZ-GC200. It’s a palm-sized video camera with features that make me drool, hardcore: 10x optical zoom, 2-megapixel camera, dual memory card slots (SD + CF) and far more. It’s […]

Canon, why do you hate me?

by NFG - 24th July 2004 in Camera

Why does Canon hate me? My beloved and uber-capable Powershot G3 developed a really strange issue with horizontal lines in dark shots, so we called Canon. “Sounds like a problem with the CCD!” they said. So we took it into […]