A View of Old Akihabara

by NFG - 5th September 2016 in Editorial, Japan, Social Studies, Technology

Things change. Nothing stands still, no matter what we’d prefer. What seems to be a static, ordered existence is constantly in flux and, in the grand scheme of things, it’s all going to rise and fall in the blink of […]

Ghost in the Shell: Whitewashed.

by NFG - 15th April 2016 in Comics, Editorial

There’s a lot of internet outrage lately, about the new Ghost in the Shell movie featuring Scarlett Johansson. First of all, we’ve known for a long time that this was coming and so the outrage happening now seems weird to […]

Thinking about Video Games

by NFG - 11th February 2016 in Editorial, Games, Personal

I’ve never really been comfortable with modern game thinking. A lot of people I know subscribe to this idea that videogames can be more than they are, that they should be more. More emotion, more story. They see this as […]

Things Samsung Should Fix

by NFG - 21st May 2015 in Editorial, Mobile Devices, Technology

I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It’s a brilliant piece of hardware let down by its software. Samsung does not, it seems, give much of a shit about their software. My guess is they would rather not bother […]

Militarization and Societal Polarization

by NFG - 1st May 2015 in Australia, Editorial, Social Studies

I’ve long been aware of a particular shift in our collective cultural thinking, towards the belief that our military, and its warriors, are beyond reproach, beyond criticism. In the same way that we often hold our police to be incapable […]


“From the discomfort of truth there is only one refuge: ignorance. I do not need to be comfortable, and I will not take refuge. I demand to know.”

Richard Morgan, from the novel Black Man.

Society sucks! What else is new?

by NFG - 23rd January 2014 in Editorial, Social Studies

On Facebook today two interesting conversations happened at the same time. One was a post about a clothing company’s catalogue which now features real models without any photoshop cheating, and another was a woman’s realization that she is treated better […]

America: Schizophrenic Clusterfuck

by NFG - 16th July 2013 in Editorial

The total lack of self awareness continues over in the USA. Frankly it seems as if the descent from empire to schizophrenic clusterfuck happens much faster than I thought. From Techdirt: The White House criticized Russia on Friday for allowing […]

The machines are getting it wrong.

by NFG - 9th July 2013 in Editorial

The tech press tends to make a big deal out of Google’s octopus-like control of so many facets of our online lives. Search, YouTube, Maps, Android, etc etc, all tied together, tracking us, learning from us… And then showing us […]

Something interesting is afoot.

by NFG - 8th July 2013 in Editorial

Lately it seems like a lot of the people I subscribe to are starting to coalesce into a vision of the future that I’ve been sensing but not quite seeing clearly for a while now. I’m a big fan of […]