A View of Old Akihabara

by NFG - 5th September 2016 in Editorial, Japan, Social Studies, Technology

Things change. Nothing stands still, no matter what we’d prefer. What seems to be a static, ordered existence is constantly in flux and, in the grand scheme of things, it’s all going to rise and fall in the blink of […]

Militarization and Societal Polarization

by NFG - 1st May 2015 in Australia, Editorial, Social Studies

I’ve long been aware of a particular shift in our collective cultural thinking, towards the belief that our military, and its warriors, are beyond reproach, beyond criticism. In the same way that we often hold our police to be incapable […]

A quick thought on free speech

by NFG - 1st May 2015 in Australia, Social Studies

From a recent ABC news article, this reply by Tim Wilson makes a very important point about free speech. Scott McIntyre was an SBS Journalist who some contentious tweets, on ANZAC Day, which I thought were a fairly reasonable (though […]

Society sucks! What else is new?

by NFG - 23rd January 2014 in Editorial, Social Studies

On Facebook today two interesting conversations happened at the same time. One was a post about a clothing company’s catalogue which now features real models without any photoshop cheating, and another was a woman’s realization that she is treated better […]

Donkey Kong and Sprite Hacking

by NFG - 15th March 2013 in Games, Social Studies

I could just as well have titled this post Historical Revisionism in Video Games… I used to play devil’s advocate without considering my words first. I’d rage against anyone and anything that seemed to be putting forth ideas I didn’t […]


The police clusterfuckery here is just staggering. Someone mis-heard Fresh Prince lyrics on a voicemail recording in Pennsylvania, and a student was arrested, held for three hours because they thought the song said he was going to go on a shooting rampage.

The same god?

by NFG - 5th February 2013 in Social Studies

The Taliban shot a young girl in the head, you may have heard about it. She was taken to the UK and patched up by the best people and techniques medical science has to offer, and she appears to have […]

Turkey Censors the world!

by NFG - 13th January 2013 in Social Studies

I’m sure Turkish authorities wish they could control the whole internet.  A lot of countries do, ’cause let’s face it, the internet is chock full of embarrassing shit, and that can’t be allowed, right? Turkey actually emailed me to let […]

Defending Rape Games. Again.

by NFG - 18th May 2012 in Games, Social Studies

Official NFG stance on rape: it’s all good! Perhaps that’s what you might think after reading some of the posts around here, like the one defending Simpsons incest porn or the other one defending rape games, and please just ignore […]

Working in an Indian call center

by NFG - 8th July 2006 in Social Studies

So not long ago I had to call 3, my cellular provider. While we waited for answers I chatted up the girl who answered the phone. The company that pays them chooses their name. Though she said her name was […]