Bonk’s Adventure: A Sprite History

by NFG - 4th October 2016 in Games

It’s not well known that Hudson, the game developer, created the chips that powered NEC’s TurboGrafx-16 console. After an astonishing series of hits on the MSX and Nintendo’s Famicom, Hudson was sitting pretty. They dominated the 8-bit consoles and, with […]


A few years ago I did a Bonk’s Adventure sprite history for my book, and I put the whole thing online. Check it out if you’re into 16-bit sprites. ^_^

WonderBoy Sprite History

by NFG - 5th April 2013 in Games

This is one of a series of articles about sprite histories (see: Mario, Sonic, Castlevania, Bonk, and MegaMan). There’s an updated version of this page right here!


One game that gets too little press in the Wii’s launch lineup is the Japan-only release of Kororinpa from Hudson.

Bottom line: It’s a great 3D Cameltry. Read the Review.

Hudson Announces Nectaris DS

by NFG - 27th February 2006 in Games

“Hudson Announces Nectaris DS”, that’s the headline I long to hear. Nectaris, released in North America as Military Madness, is fantastically popular in Japan, and it has a cult following overseas. Unlike most hex grid strategy games Nectaris focuses on […]

Two game guides – Works in Progress

by NFG - 29th January 2005 in Games

I’ve been working on a couple of game guides. Hudson’s Nectaris is one of the greatest hex sims ever made. I’ve put together a light guide to the basic strategic elements of the game, with more to come. For more […]

Cellular Nectaris

by NFG - 8th March 2004 in Games

Hudson, now a division of Konami and past purveyors of all things PC Engine, have released everyone’s favourite future military sim Nectaris for Vodafone cellular phones in Japan. Check it out. This is in addition to several NES and PC […]