A View of Old Akihabara

by NFG - 5th September 2016 in Editorial, Japan, Social Studies, Technology

Things change. Nothing stands still, no matter what we’d prefer. What seems to be a static, ordered existence is constantly in flux and, in the grand scheme of things, it’s all going to rise and fall in the blink of […]

Giant Beetles Ahoy

by NFG - 23rd January 2013 in Photography

When I lived in Japan I was introduced to the local beetles, giant rhinoceros and stag beetles like we never, ever saw in Canada. They’re awesome, and I was delighted to find they existed in Australia. Every christmas they emerge […]


Just a quick photo for ya.

Published again!

by NFG - 11th June 2006 in default

Acclaim magazine has run a short article on parkour, and have used a couple of my pictures: Larger versions of those two pics are here: Top image Bottom Image Woo, etc! Sadly the cover’s not mine.