Arcade Fonts: Only 64 Pixels

by NFG - 4th October 2016 in Games

In just about every game ever made scores, instructions, alerts, and the gentle invitation to insert some currency and play need to be conveyed to the player. Typically the quickest way is via the usual alphabet and symbols, and so […]

Return of Grassy Platforms

by NFG - 20th June 2013 in Uncategorized

Welcome to the third installment in the Grassy Platform series of pointless pixel pondering here at NFGworld. Click here! if you’d like to see the rest of the series. If you look hard enough you start to see grassy platforms […]

More Grassy Platforms

by NFG - 19th June 2013 in Games

Long a standard element in platform games, platforms with grass on ’em! This is part of a series, click here for more! You don’t really notice when you’re playing the game, but now… Doesn’t that grass seem a little bit […]

Grassy Platforms

by NFG - 13th June 2013 in Games

UPL’s Ninja Kid 2 (arcade): That’s some really good looking grass. Technically I suppose it’s foliage, not grass. Yay, the first image in this post doesn’t even qualify. #fail

Interview with Henk Nieborg (2)

by NFG - 7th April 2013 in Games

This is a followup interview I did with Henk Nieborg, focusing mostly on the Nintendo DS release of Contra 4. Sadly I promptly lost this text, and finally published it a loooong time later. And now I’m re-posting it because […]

Interview with Henk Nieborg

by NFG - 7th April 2013 in Games

Near the end of 2005 I interviewed Henk Nieborg, one of the greatest pixel artists around. He’s been pixelling since the earliest days of the C64, and he’s still going strong today – he recently completed all the backgrounds and […]

Remaking Street Fighter

by NFG - 31st March 2008 in Games

So Capcom’s remaking their seminal beat-em-up with all-new high-def graphics for the XBox 360 Live Arcade. It’s gonna be the same gameplay we know and love with a glorious new skin. But Capcom’s not alone in doing a Street Fighter […]

Another Site Redesign

by NFG - 26th August 2007 in Games

I just can’t help myself some days. In lieu of actual content, here’s another new look. I’m very pleased with the way this turned out. Still a few parts to fix, individual article pages are still broken, but the hard […]

NFG Book: The first review!

by NFG - 25th July 2006 in Games

UK magazine Advanced Photoshop has reviewed the NFG book and has apparently been bribed into giving it a 5/5 rating, saying “…there’s inspiration galore here for you and although it may be out of your usual book budget, it’s well […]