Castlevania: A Sprite History

by NFG - 5th October 2016 in Games

Konami’s Castlevania is an unusual series. For the longest time it was a consistently poor seller in its native Japan, but incredibly popular in the West. Konami kept the series alive when many companies might not have. It has so […]

Bonk’s Adventure: A Sprite History

by NFG - 4th October 2016 in Games

It’s not well known that Hudson, the game developer, created the chips that powered NEC’s TurboGrafx-16 console. After an astonishing series of hits on the MSX and Nintendo’s Famicom, Hudson was sitting pretty. They dominated the 8-bit consoles and, with […]

Updating the NFG Book

by NFG - 25th February 2014 in books, Games

You might remember I wrote a book on video game sprites and pixel art. It was fairly well received, and for a while sold on Amazon’s famously fucked-up marketplace for half a thousand dollars. Or over seven thousand dollars if […]

Interview with Henk Nieborg

by NFG - 7th April 2013 in Games

Near the end of 2005 I interviewed Henk Nieborg, one of the greatest pixel artists around. He’s been pixelling since the earliest days of the C64, and he’s still going strong today – he recently completed all the backgrounds and […]

Sonic the Hedgehog Sprite History

by NFG - 1st February 2007 in Games

A large part of my book was sprite history analysis. I’ve been posting segments from the book here, and the newest one is now available: Sonic Sprite History. Please have a look if that’s the sort of thing you like. […]

Castlevania Sprites!

by NFG - 17th November 2006 in Games

As some of you might remember, after writing my Mario Sprites article I was given the opportunity to write a book focusing on video game sprites. Included in the book were several game sprite histories like the Mario one. One […]

NFG Book: The first review!

by NFG - 25th July 2006 in Games

UK magazine Advanced Photoshop has reviewed the NFG book and has apparently been bribed into giving it a 5/5 rating, saying “…there’s inspiration galore here for you and although it may be out of your usual book budget, it’s well […]

Announcing The NFG Book

by NFG - 6th June 2006 in Games

It’s funny how things work out. A couple of years ago I was doing some freelance writing for the Official Nintendo Magazine (UK), and I’d done a review of Mario vs Donkey Kong. As part of this review, I had […]

The Book

by NFG - 6th January 2006 in default

The Book (Amazon US) has consumed a large part of my life in the last twelve months. It was an incredible ordeal, a real pain in the ass. The story goes something like this: After agreeing to do the book, […]

Plenty of changes around here.

by NFG - 6th January 2006 in Personal

Things are happening. Things are always happening, of course, but lately they’re happening a lot. First, the big news: I got paid for the book. More on that soon. With the money I’ve paid off most of my car loan, […]