Australia Rocks: Part 2

So, an update. (part one)

I called Customs about the airsoft pistol they didn’t want me to have. They said I couldn’t import it without a permit, but in order to get a permit I needed to get a license, and for that I needed to know what category of wickedly dangerous firearm this plastic gun really was.

It’s a class H, an air powered pistol.

The customs guy assured me that in order to get a license I had to have the gun pass safety testing, which it wouldn’t because it’s plastic. Nice work, despite being plastic it’s dangerous enough to be outlawed, but because it’s plastic they couldn’t approve it for use. That was, he was quite firm in telling me, the end of it.

In Australia you also need a license to have ammunition. This must naturally extend to nearly weightless plastic BB pellets. Despite confiscating a bag of 2,000 pellets Customs left about 20 pellets in the box I received. “Oh,” I thought. “Oh shit, I’m in possession of illegal ammunition!” So I called Customs again, and the conversation went something like this:

“I need a license for ammunition, don’t I?”
“But you left 20 of them in the box.”
“Oh.. well, they’re just plastic balls.”
“Yeah, well, it was just a plastic GUN, and you need a license for THAT.”
“So do I need a license to dispose of them properly? Should I take them somewhere?”
“Well, they’re… Uh…”

and I think she started to doubt my mental faculties at this point:

she says “OK look, can you send them back to us?”

That’s right folks. In Australia you can’t have plastic guns and you need to send plastic balls to customs for safe, licensed disposal.

UPDATE: My dad points out I probably can’t send illegal ammunition through the mail.

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