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[ Feb 23 2018 ]

My Old Day Job – Part One

A long time ago I worked in an offfice, and I started keeping a log near the end of my time there because, frankly, it was batshit insane and getting batshit insanier by the week. This is that story.

[ Feb 21 2018 ]

Rediscovering: Whirlo

This game is bad in ways I honestly can’t believe.

[ Sep 5 2017 ]

A quick look at the Godox AD-200 ‘Pocket Flash’

After two and a half years all my Cactus lights started breaking down, so I tried the shiny new Godox AD200 lights, and they’re really great.

[ Apr 19 2017 ]

Wonder Boy – A Sprite History

There are six Wonder Boy games. There are two number threes. There is no number two, four, or six. …And it gets a little weird from there. What started as a fairly solid skateboard simulator (with a fruit-gathering side-quest) became a platform action-RPG, a shooter, and… Many other things.

[ Oct 5 2016 ]

Castlevania: A Sprite History

A look back at every pixelly protagonist in Konami’s Castlevania series.

[ Oct 4 2016 ]

Bonk’s Adventure: A Sprite History

A comprehensive look at the pixel goodness found in the Bonk’s Adventure series of games.

[ Oct 4 2016 ]

Arcade Fonts: Only 64 Pixels

The letters and numbers in games are crucial for delivering information to players. And I love them so, so much.

[ Sep 5 2016 ]

A View of Old Akihabara

Akihabara ain’t what it used to be, but what is? Here are some then and now photos.

[ Aug 30 2016 ]

Atari Jaguar Phear Brochure

Long before Tetrisphere was a Nintendo 64 title, it was running on the Atari Jaguar. I was there. Here’s the embarassingly bad brochure. =)

[ Aug 29 2016 ]

Cactus Radio Trigger for Ricoh Theta S

The Ricoh Theta is a great camera, but what if you could trigger a flash with it? Spoiler: you can’t.

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