[ Mar 3 2016 ]

PC Engine RomRom Amp Manual

The PC Engine RomRom Amp is a stereo speaker and amplifier accessory that sounds much better than you’d except. And the manual’s got some cute art inside. =)

[ Mar 2 2016 ]

PC Engine SuperGrafx Manual

The PC Engine SuperGrafx manual! Hooray!

[ Feb 29 2016 ]

SNK Neo Geo CD Pad Review

The SNK Neo Geo CD pad is amazing to hold and fondle, but in use it’s got significant flaws.

[ Feb 11 2016 ]

Thinking about Video Games

I’ve never really been comfortable with modern game thinking. A lot of people I know subscribe to this idea that videogames can be more than they are, that they should be more. More emotion, more story. They see this as the way forward, a way to… I don’t know, legitimize the medium they’re invested in. […]

[ Apr 1 2015 ]

Review – Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

Take the amazing Geometry Wars formula and saddle it with stars, point collecting, upgrades, lengthy intros and enforced play rules, and what do you get? Less than you started with.

[ Mar 21 2015 ]

Capcom’s CPS Changer

The nineties were a time of weird and wonderful experimentation in Japan. Not to be left out, Capcom released a weird device that looked a lot like a video game console.

[ Mar 21 2015 ]

Resurrecting the Dreamcast with GDEMU

The Dreamcast has long been one of my top-5 consoles, and the GDEMU is an amazing multi-game loader that makes the Dreamcast even more awesome.

[ Nov 22 2014 ]

Twenty Years of the Sega Saturn

Twenty years ago today Sega’s 32-bit Saturn console was launched in Japan.

[ Jul 18 2014 ]

Review: Shantae: Risky’s Revenge

Shantae feels like the best artists in the world got together with talented designers and had nothing to say. They were artists, the best of the best, but that’s just not enough.

[ Jun 2 2014 ]

PC Engine Magazine Retrospective

The rise and fall of the PC Engine, viewed through a 43GB archive of magazine scans.

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