[ Feb 25 2014 ]

Updating the NFG Book

A long while ago I was asked to write a book about video game pixel art, but at the last minute told to focus on something that really wasn’t my forte. So I started working on a new book about the things I wanted to write about.

[ Jan 27 2014 ]

Robotron: Sprites and Fonts!

Ripping the fonts and sprites from Robotron 2084.

[ Jan 15 2014 ]

Repairing Robotron

The long story about resurrecting my Robotron arcade board, and most of its peripheral parts.

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[ Aug 4 2013 ]

Tales from the Arcade

I’m on holiday in Japan, where the retro game scene has imploded upon itself, and so my thoughts turn with a distinctly rose-tinted nostalgia to my own gaming history.  Things were, as you young whippersnappers must know by now, so much better when I was your age.

[ Jun 19 2013 ]

More Grassy Platforms

Long a standard element in platform games, platforms with grass on ’em!

[ Jun 13 2013 ]

Grassy Platforms

Talking about grass, the kind you find in good old games.

[ May 24 2013 ]

Penny Arcade Report – The XBone Thread

Going off a bit about the XBone back when such things mattered to me.

[ May 16 2013 ]

Rediscovering: Front Mission: Gun Hazard

Having a look at Gun Hazard, a Super Famicom game from Squaresoft.

[ May 1 2013 ]

Your game and Piracy: How to Do It Wrong

When a game company copies a game then tries to punish game pirates, and doesn’t quite hit the mark.

[ Apr 29 2013 ]

Rediscovering: Metal Warriors

How is Metal Warriers, 20 years after it was released for the SNES? Still brilliant.

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