[ Feb 3 2022 ]

NFG’s Guide to NFTs

What is the blockchain? The blockchain is a distributed ledger, a list of transactions that’s made robust by spreading it around on multiple computers. Each transaction is duplicated, stored on many computers, and verified using complicated math. That’s it. It’s great for verifying transactions. A solution looking for a problem As a distributed ledger, the […]

[ Mar 9 2020 ]

Linux USB Backup

I had the idea to automatically create a backup of my Linux webserver every time I plugged a USB stick into it. Surprisingly it worked!

[ Jul 10 2018 ]

Multiple Mastodon Instances on a Single Server

Back when I still ran a Mastodon server, I had a brief need to run two of them on one server. With Gargron’s help, I worked out how.

[ Apr 10 2018 ]

Beautiful Rant: My Life

Gravis rants about stuff that really does suck. It’s good.

[ Mar 18 2018 ]

Case Insensitive Last Resort 404 Page

I’ve been running my webserver on Windows for a long time, and moving to Linux meant that a whole lot of files were coming up 404 because they had upper or lower case filenames and the page that referenced them didn’t match. This 404 script for nginx fixes that.

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[ Mar 11 2018 ]

The danger of algorithms

Some smart people are scared of artificial intelligence, of machine learning, but not in the sci-fi robots-gonna-eat-us way. The reality is worse.

[ Mar 11 2018 ]

Adventures in nginx!

Mostly for my own benefit, a log of shit I have to deal with in nginx, and the solutions to same.

[ Sep 5 2016 ]

A View of Old Akihabara

Akihabara ain’t what it used to be, but what is? Here are some then and now photos.

[ Aug 29 2016 ]

Cactus Radio Trigger for Ricoh Theta S

The Ricoh Theta is a great camera, but what if you could trigger a flash with it? Spoiler: you can’t.

[ Apr 13 2016 ]

Seagate’s SMR Hard Drives – Cheap, Fast, Tricky

I’m a photographer, and I shoot RAW images that are 20-30MB each. I’ll create anywhere from 2 to 50 GB of images for a photoshoot, and I never throw away my images. So, in 2015, I needed a little more than 3TB of storage. I predict the same need for 2016, and I back every […]

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