Defending Rape Games. Again.

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Official NFG stance on rape: it’s all good!

Perhaps that’s what you might think after reading some of the posts around here, like the one defending Simpsons incest porn or the other one defending rape games, and please just ignore this one with all the child porn

Which brings us to today. Or, more accurately, a few days ago, when (a site I’ve written for in the past and which I hold in pretty high esteem) went on a crusade[/url] against a silly hentai tentacle card game raising money on Kickstarter.

It’s called Tentacle Bento, and depending on who you read, it’s either ” cheeky, fast playing trick taking card game for 2 to 4 players” (the creators) or “a cute, lighthearted, pastel-colored look at the wonderful world of forcing your way inside a female against her will” (insertcredit).

Kotaku also weighed in, with a similar position.

I don’t understand the furor. Based on the facts presented by the game’s creators, there’s no rape here. Aliens with tentacles pursue and catch schoolgirls, with all the gooey liquids and giggling that sort of bizarre premise entails. It’s the sort of thing that has no real-life counterpart, since neither aliens or be-tentacled animals have been proven to have an interest in human girls.

Saying this game is about rape, an action insertcredit insists is unseen but obvious, is akin to saying Pokemon is about animal cage fights or collect-em-up bestiality. You don’t see it, no one says it, but it’s there.

A game like this builds on several things, like the trailblazing and puerile comedy of Benny Hill and the Carry On series, where adults skirt around the edges of sexual activity without ever being specific about it, and without ever intending to harm each other. I mean, in real life a man gets arrested for chasing a busty woman down a hallway with a lascivious sneer on his face, but in comedy? We laugh, it’s funny.

There’s no rape here. I struggle to imagine how it was even inferred from the content on offer. And here’s where I say I’m against rape but this isn’t rape (which to anyone already decided against me probably sounds like I’m against racism, but black people sit at the back of the bus).

This is comedy, where all the rape happens in the player’s mind, if that’s the sort of thing they’re predisposed to seeing. insertcredit got it totally right at the end of a followup article: “It is a big deal to trivialize rape, and it’s up to you to decide whether you think Tentacle Bento does that.”

Luckily for the creators of the game, insertcredit’s decision that it did, in fact, cross that line, was a boon. Kickstarter closed the project down, and the project moved to its own website where it’s gathering many more backers and nearly as much money.

As for me, I’m against real rape. I’m against belittling rape. I’m for tentacle monsters collecting imaginary, giggling schoolgirls. I’m also very much for making light of the terrors in our real lives, ’cause that’s how we simultaneously cope with the terrible truth of their existence, and how we regain a little of our power over them. I’m against card games, generally, but I think I might buy Tentacle Bento, just ’cause.

[ May 18 2012 ]

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