It's been a good run. The forum no longer reflects who NFG is and no one posts here anymore, so it's been mothballed.

There is a secret sex forum, oh yes there is: The Wombat's Bedroom.

You might remember mention of it from such places as Thread #7.

I have in mind for the place a kind of open forum for discussion of all kinds of things. Access is free, but it is restricted - you gotta ask for it, and if you ask for it, you should participate.

The Rules
There are a few rules:
1. We do not talk about the Wombat's Den.  You can talk about the place, if you like, but you should not talk about the things you see here.
2. You should never be rude or denigrate another Denizen.
3. Contribute if you like.

To apply for Denizen membership:
Apply This Way!

Next, post in the INTRODUCTIONS section that appears at the bottom of the forum, in the Wombat's Bedroom. When NFG likes what you wrote, you're in!

Remember when forums were fun? =(