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Subject: On the cusp...
Since deciding not to purchase the $2000 Nikon D300 camera this month I've kind of lost interest in photography.  The gear whore in me is sulking and dragging down my overall mood.  It's especially bad after playing with a D200 in the shop recently where I found that a brand new 18-200 lens is a shitload nicer than my poor abused lens. 

So my camera's old, broken and the lens is beat up. I'm bummed.

And all my recent pictures have been ass.  Last jam got rained out.

So I haven't really taken any shots for a week, and it feels weird.  It sucks!

But I also want to go build a ring flash and do some model photography.  So the creative urge is still there, I just don't know what to do with it.  <grumble>
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What you should do with it is try some new stuff. Try shooting an entire jam at f/22!  Try to make a ringflash and pick up a hot new model in the same week! Post photos for crits, even though all I'll do is drool over your fish!
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I'd suggest picking up some quality reference books or flipping through the ones you already have at hand.

Nothing gives me the urge to go out and take pictures more than learning something I can immediately apply.

Also: First post! Woo!
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