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Subject: Hori's new Fighting Edge Blade Joystick
Hori has announced a new stick called the Fighting Edge 刃 (Blade), which pulls out all the stops in an attempt to create the ultimate joystick.

Unlike most of their recent sticks the new Fighting Edge has stick and button mechanisms designed and built by Hori, instead of the arcade giants Sanwa and Seimitsu.


The stick features a lower-friction fulcrum (Hori claims 5-15% less) made of acetal plastic, which is especially hard and long-wearing.


The buttons are also a new design, featuring a smaller gap between button and housing to reduce rattle, and a hori-made switch which claims to reduce bounce.

It also features LED lights and a flap at the back to tuck your cords in when not being played.  Hori has also covered the metal base with felt to keep it from chilling your legs, and to improve grip on your lap.

It should be released next month, for a mere ¥19,800.

PS3 version
Xbox 360 version
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