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Feets and fingerses and other dirty body parts
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Subject: Rhythm games
I'm the biggest fan of dance games there is. I love the idea of step information being up there on the screen three or four seconds before you need it. I could debate Dance Dance Revolution versus Pump It Up for days. I love the idea of natural talent and public performance in a video game. But strangely, I'm not much of a dancer in real life. As a matter of fact, I don't have much rhythm on my feet when I'm not on that platform with the arrow buttons.

In contrast, I don't much enjoy Guitar Hero. I get that it's the same game conceptually, but it just doesn't appeal to me in the same way. It's not entertaining to me to play it or to watch it, and I find it less satisfying and more arbitrary than the dance games. And stranger still, I'm actually a guitarist in real life. I've recorded professionally and performed on stage, and I find it confusing that so many real guitarists endorse the guitar games.

What am I missing here? Obviously there's a connection between the two games, and you would think that enjoying one would enable you to enjoy the other.
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The appeal of music and rhythm games seems to stem from both the music, and the sense of discombobulation when the game sends a more complicated combination of moves at you and your body falls apart trying to cope.

This is how I feel when I play Beatmania: Some songs are awesome and I'll play them to death, but the vast majority (at least on the easy stages) are total crap.  The sense of uselessness is also very strong in this game so by level three I feel that continuing is totally pointless.

Perhaps you, as an accomplished guitarist, find the game too easy, with your talented hands being ready to cope?  Or perhaps the songs don't roxx0r your soxx0rz?  I suspect there's some sort of attraction for you when the game asks you to use your feet and legs, limbs that you probably don't get a lot of gaming joy out of.
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I wouldn't describe myself as an accomplished *anything* but I see your point. This is a step removed from the game genre and we're now starting to look at whether or not playing the game is satisfying that urge to have fun. Obviously the type of game doesn't necessarily relate to that.

And to your example, I find the dance games fun but only within the context of certain songs. While the professional dance game players can perform to any music (to the point where the champion players let the audience pick the song) I generally enjoy about half of a game's library, whereas the other half of the song list makes me physically ill. So it's still not a zero-sum enjoyment situation.

When I originally posted the first message, I included a long paragraph about the old sex video games of the 8-bit home computer era. While most of these just had graphics featuring nudity in an otherwise normal game, a few of them were precursors of the rhythm games we know and love today, where one would score (hah!) based on how closely controller input matched up to the on-screen rhythm prompts. We have the technology now to make that sort of game much more naughty.
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