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Subject: What does NFG mean?
    The top 50 answers to that eternal question, "What does NFG stand for?"

Nickels Frighten Grandma
No Fucking Government
Nine Free Gifts
Nightly Fucking Girls
Nipples Feel Great
Never Feed Giraffes
Nine Free Games
Narcissistic Fire God
Niacin Flavored Granola
New Fishing Game
Null Field Generator
Needle Fusion Grater
Nina's Friend Greg
Noisy French Guy
Nutty Food Gallery
Neighborhood Freak Gang
Nachos For Grabs
Narrow Freeway Glider
Nymphomaniac Frisky Girl
Noxious Fungus Garden
New Found Genius
Nearly Flat Goosebumps
Nice Flare Gun
Nickel Finished Gumballs
Non Feathered Goose
Nearly Finished Galaga
Necronomicon Fanatic Geek
Nazi-Free Germany
Ninja Fighting Gaijin
Never Forgets Grammar
Not For Groping
Not Feeling Good
Nifty Frenetic Gopher
Nominally Frantic Girls
Never Forgave GameArts
Nightly Flogging Games
Nut Fucking Goon
Nuclear Fission Generator
Never Forget Grandia
Nearly Fictive Gigolo
Nimbly Fondling Girlies
Neat Furry Gopher
Nerds For God
No Filthy Groupies
Nathan's Farting Gas
Neo Fucking Geo
Nerdy Forgetful Grumpy
Not Fabulously German
New Favorite Game
Nice Fucking Guys

Special thanks to Millartime for compiling the list.  =)
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Subject: OR
Nugget From God?
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“Be conservative in what you do; be liberal in what you accept from others.” J. Postel
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