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Subject: It's like getting married again.
So I screwed up at work.  I let an untrained dealer get way over his head during a sale, and now I'm catching flak for letting him get so far without getting him the proper help he needed, and for not getting us paid first.

It was easy to do, I do sales and support, I don't do installations.  This dealer is hours out of town doing an installation for a customer who's got no idea what they're doing, trusting a dealer who's gotten in too deep, and I can't quite figure out how it got here.

I thought he knew what he was doing, I thought I knew what I was doing, and now everyone's looking to me, trying to figure out where it all went wrong, and I'm like "WTF, how should I know?"   I missed a step, I dropped the ball somewhere, and now it looks like I'm in for some serious training.

I don't WANT to be trained on this.  Getting the final education on this is tacit to admitting this is my job.  I've always believed in the back of my mind somewhere that this un-sexy job (Which I enjoy, don't get me wrong) is temporary, that I'll somehow end up writing game reviews or travelling japan like a ronin of some description, buying unappreciated gaming relics and ebaying them for mad lootz.

But that fantasy is blown to ratshit if I have to finally face facts and admit I sell point of sale softtware.

So I'm stinging with the shame of failure, the hurt of being scolded, and the absolute horror of what is basically another marriage.  A long-term commitment to something that isn't what I dreamed of.

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That is the life everyone yearns for and only the fewest actually get, is it not?

Nonetheless, I really enjoy receiving training at work, because basically it means more stuff I can do. I like doing varied tasks, particularly in my current job since what's technically my job (ie. my job description) is excessively tedious work. Currently I do what's theoretically two part-time positions in addition to my regular work (of course this counts towards my shift total), and it's awesome.

[edit] Even if you receive the final bit of training, all it means is that you are "fully qualified" for the job you're doing at the moment and that means you're less likely to get sacked before you want it. There's not a lot to prevent you from giving your notice and leaving if you find something that interests you more, is there? Don't be emo about it - it's Just Another Thing Learned, and thus another step to knowing everything and becoming all-powerful. :D [/edit]
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