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TV show the DS game was based on.
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Subject: Game Center CX
So, I was having a lot of fun playing this DS game:

Game Center CX, a collection of 'fake' old games from the 80s (usually well made 'ripoffs' of actual ones like galaga, star soldier, ninja jajamaru-kun, dragon warrior, and so on).

I knew it was based on a TV show, but wasn't really sure what it was like. Turns out the TV show is about a guy who tries to beat retro games that are usually either really tough or kusoge. He's just an avergae player, but he has determination (usually the show is highlights from a 13-hour marathon of playing the game), and is likeable enough.

Here's a youtube vid:

(assuming it hasnt been removed from youtube yet) Its the first part of the show where he does pretty bad at FC Makaimura (Ghosts N Goblins).

Anyhow, I enjoyed it enough to get the 4 dvd box sets, here's the amazon listing for them (and unlike for games, they ship these overseas, though they are region 2 encoded):…?ie=UTF…

The box sets are much more reasonably priced than anime is in Japan; each box set is between 5 and 7.5 hours long for around 6000yen. They are not all of the episodes, or even the same format as the show; the DVDs are just, for example, his entire makaimura challenge, or his entire mighty bomb jack challenge, whereas the Tv show went back and forth between those challenges, interviews, highlights of games that had been released in 1986, and so on. The other thing included on the DVDs are the segments where he went to various game centers/arcades around Japan. But after the completionist in me was disappointed that they weren't all the episodes as aired, there was a lot of content that I really liked; I went through and watched all 25 hours or so in 1 week.

(oh, and yes, this could've gone under the 'tv' section, but its about games)
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That looks awesome.  I liked the Youtube video where the player's chucking torches at the Red Arimer without hitting him, and says "Isn't that hot?"  Bahaha.

I think you're probably the only person here with enough Japanese skill to get a kick out of the video, wehr.

Tell me more about the game.  =D
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For the game, you get sent back by a evil 3d-polygon-head of Arino to experience his gaming of the late 80s, and have to pass game challenges in order to return. You explain why you're there to the younger version of Arino you find, and play games, often referring to either the game's rulebook for help, or new magazines he gets for information, hints, and cheats. Basically, it's a lot like being over at someone's house to play videogames.

It starts in 1985 or so, with the release of game called Cosmic Gate. Instead of just playing the game, you're given a series of challenges. The first is to beat stage 5. Once you accomplish that, you're given a new challenge, which is warp twice using warp gates. At the same time, he gets a issue of a magazine with a special hint guide for Cosmic Gate. Once you clear all four challenges for a game, the next game gets released, the younger version of Arino buys it, and the evil Polygonal Arino makes you pass 4 challenges from that game, and so on. Once you complete all 4 challenges for a game, you can choose to play it normally (without 'challenges') from the title screen. Most of the games are decent, though usually shorter than the length of a usual Famicom game.

Here's a detailed rundown of the challenges for each game:
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