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for when you're bored
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Subject: Stuff...
I'm bored. So I'm creating a thread for people to come into and just talk about anything they want. Hopefully then I'll often have a thread to check and contribute to when I'm bored. Which happens a fair bit when I'm slacking off between classes. ;)

So yeah.
First topic is:
Why my phone rocks.
The simple reason behind why my phone rocks is that it is old. It's a Nokia 2100 (I think... been so long since i got it) and it doesn't break. Ever. The battery is getting a little old, but I charge it regularly enough for that not to be a problem. It's a fairly decent size for its age, fits quite comfortably in my pocket, feels like I'm actually holding it when I'm talking, and I'm not worried I'll snap it like a twig. The case seems to be made out of something completely indestructable (I suggest they start making everything out of it), so nothing inside ever gets damaged. It has a black and white screen, monotone ringtones, no camera, no web access, no fancy anything! That means that nothing on it is likely to break. Therefore it is awesome.

You may now all feel ashamed of your crap phones.
Poll: Is Hef's phone awesome?
(0 votes ·   0%) Yes
(One vote · 33%) I wish I had one!
(One vote · 33%) Is this a trick question? When is anything of Hef's not awesome?
(One vote · 33%) Yes
This poll has no time limit · 3 votes
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My poll seems to be broken.  There's no option for "Fuck no, you Luddite"

In other news, old stuff rocks.  Compare my Super NES against my PS2.  Hello Super Mario World, and Super Mario Allstars!  And look, Metal Warriors?  Ghouls n Ghosts?  Yoshi's freaking Island!?  New stuff SUCKS, right?

Except for phones.  My current Sony Erricson k800i is all kinds of indestructible kickass.  Nerts to you.
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I've got you both beat. My Motorola i205 is larger than most sex toys but can be used to drive a nail into wood with confidence. I've never had to replace the battery, and the standby time is something on the order of two weeks. And when ringing, it's louder than a ten-cylinder diesel engine.
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