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Subject: All camera makers getting it wrong?
Thom Hogan, a man who knows his cameras and writes great articles on (mostly) Nikon gear, said something interesting during a discussion of his D300 review:

Actually, I'm becoming more and more convinced that ALL the camera makers are getting it wrong. What we're seeing is a repeat of the 35mm film SLR battles, and that didn't exactly end with the best UI, either. Cameras can get too complex, too feature-laden, too marketing checklist oriented, too heavy, and not so great at shooting. The move from the Nikon F4 to the Nikon F5 was a good example of that. We need the iPhone type of approach to cameras, I think: simplification at the user level, sophistication at the unseen lower level, without loss of features or control.

This is really a really curious thing to say, IMO.  The reason I bought a DSLR is the control: I don't want the camera making choices for me unless I ask it to.  That's why we have an AUTO mode, and a MANUAL mode (and several stages between).  It seems to me that, in the way he says it here, he's wrong.  The problem isn't too much customization, it's nonsensical customization.  Large unwieldy menus, infrequently used features given permanent buttons on the body, etc.  The power should be easy to use, not obfuscated or left to machines to wield for me.
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Proof of this? The direct print button on a fucking 40D. It's a joke. It is the only thing on my camera that I have NEVER used.
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