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Subject: Something I read last year...
I read an interesting article a while ago.  I wrote about it, and repost it here for your enjoyment:

It said that, basically, people over 30 don't get this online thing, that they don't get myspace and probably don't even know what facebook is.

I'm 34.

Who the fuck are these people, these peers of mine?  Are they retarded?  Do they not have functioning eyes?

I've got a website.  I've got THREE.  They're even popular and quite well known in the circles I frequent.  I live online.  All my friends are online.  I've got a moblog and my mobile's got more power and features than my first ten computers combined.  I don't have a landline, I download shows rather than watch them live.

Who the fuck are these people, my peers?

Seriously. WTF.

And on the subject of age, apparently I'm the creepy old man who hangs out with teenaged chicks.  So warn the parents of one of these chicks, I hear.  That's a. disturbing and b. funny.  It's true that I plan to have my way with her then sell her to [easily offended foreigners], but they're not supposed to know.

All my friends are young.  The people whose company I enjoy are aged 15-30.  As far as I'm concerned if you and I can hold an interesting conversation then our age means nothing.

etc etc.  Shit, I'm even boring myself.
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Ah, but here's the reasoning:

Everybody knows that anybody over 30 that is online is a stalker pedophile creepy old guy.

Sorry to break it to you.

I honestly don't know where they get that statistic from, most people I know are able to use the internet, including those over 30. Everybody my parents work with can use the internet. My mum even has a facebook account! (That she doesn't use but that's not the point) They may not understand all the subculture, but that doesn't mean that they don't use/understand the majority of the internet.
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