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My Neighbors (Important)
The story goes on...
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So it's been really interesting over there lately.  The violence, mental and implied, has been escalating steadily for several months.  Lately JayJay has been trying to reason with dad, a task I fear would be beyond his capabilities even if dad wasn't a raging psychopath.

So JayJay tries to understand why dad can't just be human for a while.  "Why do you hit me all the time?  Why are you always hitting me?"  I have to believe dad's IQ isn't a whole lot higher than JayJay's because the answers are always bellows and curses and threats of violence.  Dad's going to bash his head in, going to knock his head off, and so on.  Dad still repeats a lot of stuff three times, so it's pretty easy to follow his side of the 'conversation'.


Dylan has inherited the family inability to link actions with consequences, and gleefully rats on JayJay and Brooke without fear for his own punishment when it turns out he's been involved, either directly or as a shit-disturber.  When the truth hits him he's pretty quick to burst into tears and cry for the whole block to hear that it's all JayJay's fault. 

Brooke just wants to be a little girl.  Today she finally convinced dad to come play with her in the yard, and he gave her three or four shoves on the swing before walking away cursing while she was again left to her own devices.

And this is the daily routine.  JayJay tries to get through his day as best his troubled little mind can, while Dylan sets him up and brings the wrath of dad upon them both as often as not, while Brooke screams and utterly fails to have any kind of normal childhood.

Every day JayJay talks about leaving, he wants out, dad wants him out, "go to your slug mother's then, I don't care, she's a slug, fuck off to your mother's, I don't care" and so on.

Well today something interesting happened.  Some yelling outside, dad vehemently refusing to have a discussion with someone.  "I don't wanna talk about it.  I'm not going to fucking talk about it.  I don't care!"  I looked outside to see two men standing with JayJay.  White shirts, slacks, one held a clipboard.  Both had large items on their belts, and one seemed to have a gold badge.  They looked like cops, but they were not in uniform and their vehicle was plain black.  One looked to have a pistol in his hand but that's unlikely.  It was hard to see clearly through the trees between our houses.

While this was going on Dylan was screaming and singing and cheerfully running around in the back yard as if his greatest dreams had just come true.

These two men were saying they would come back tomorrow, when everything is 'sweet' again.    Dad wasn't having it, assured them he'd be just as enormous an asshole tomorrow as today (using slightly different words), and so they said quite clearly that they were only there to collect some property.  That was repeated a few times before dad went and retrieved something from inside the house, something about the size of a football, and threw it at the men.

They got into the car with JayJay and drove off. 

We'll see what happens next.
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Well, JayJay is back.  He arrived yesterday, I could hear him saying he was only getting some clothes, but it seems he hasn't left since then.

Quote by Dad:
You'd better learn to clean up after yourself or you won't be eating in my house!  Don't you back-chat me, buddy.  Keep going!  Keep going!  Keep going!

There was something about murdering him in there, but I didn't catch the whole phase.

In other news, one of the kids built some stairs over the fence with the bricks from my retaining wall, again and while I was putting it back together dad was in their yard checking out the trampoline which is apparently missing legs and sits at a steep angle. 

Very politely I told him what they'd done and he, also politely, said that he'd have a word with them, and even apologized a few times. 

When he's not bellowing at his offspring he's actually got a voice like a human being.  It was the first time I'd ever heard it.
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Quote by Dad:
I don't understand this fucking house, I really don't aye.

I wonder if they can hear us laughing.
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Dad's on a rampage.  This is basically verbatim, but it went on for considerably longer.

Quote by Dad:
Get out of my fucking house, before I start smashing the house apart.  Fuck off you fat cunt!  Get out of my house!  Get out of my fucking house now!  Get out of my house you fucking faggot!  You ugly fat cunt!  Get out of my fucking house!  Fuck off you fat cunt!    I hate ya cunt.  Get out of my fucking house now.  I want you out of my house.  I don't like you, and I don't want you here.  Fuck off now.

Get out of my fucking house!  I've asked you to leave my premises!  Now fucking move!  Come on buddy!  You're a dog, fuck off.  Fuck off you ugly maggot.

Get out of my HOOOOOOUSSE!!!

I don't want you here.  Fuck off!  Fuck off you queer.  Fuck off you faggot.
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Quote by Dad:
What a fucked up house this is.

No spoons.  No forks.

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I just watched JayJay lock dad out of the house.  Dad's standing outside with Brooke and Dylan screaming at Dylan to get inside through the still half-missing kitchen window and unlock the door.  By the time he does (he's far less effective at this than JayJay is and it took a while, even with more of the glass removed) and dad stomps into house, JayJay is gone.  I watched him sprint out of the yard before dad had taken his second step inside.
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Dad and JayJay were yelling (surprise!) about something, and dad yells from the kitchen

I don't even know who you are anymore.

Throwing your weight around here, throwing your weight around...

Who are you!?
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I have -no- idea what's gotten into JayJay's head today.

Quote by JayJay:
I'm 16!  I'm 16 years old!  Look how big I am!  I'm only 16!  Look how big I am!  I'm bigger than my mother!  I'm only 16!  I'm bigger than my mother!

Hey Dylan!  How old's your brother?  How old is your brother, Dylan!?  I'm 16!  Look how big I am!  Dylan!  How old's your brother, Dylan?  How old is your brother?  Look how big I am!  I'm 16!

Dad, meanwhile, has words to offer. 

Quote by Dad:
You're a disgusting, retard, dog.


In other news, Dylan's getting kicked out of the house on a regular basis, I guess he's old enough now.  Brooke still doesn't get kicked out, but she still gets yelled at more or less constantly.

It seems the only life skill these kids have is getting on dad's nerves.  =)
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I don't post about my neighbors much anymore because it's all sort of the same, day in and day out.  If you hang out with me on IRC you get little overheard snippets though.  I dug through the logfiles and came up with these, for your up to date enjoyment:

JayJay: Fuck oooffff!!!

Dad: Oh here we go again!  Why are you always swearing?

^ unbelievable lack of self awareness.

Sudden freaking out next door, jayjay and dylan and brooke all freaking out at the same time.  auntie yelling to shut them up.  I think someone just upended the cutlery drawer. 


dad just came home, I'm sure this will end well.  Dylan just burst out of the house.  "Dad!  Dad!  He nearly broke my jaw!"  <cue tears>

and dad's yelling, hasn't even turned off the truck.  "Piss off back to your mother's!"

dad's threatening to call the cops.  "because I don't like you here!"

jayjay: "Fuck all of you!  Youse can all get fucked!"

dad: "What a piece of shit he is, what a piece of shit.  What a piece of shit he is.  Smart ass <something>.  Get the fuck out of my house.  I don't want you here no more.  Get out of my house."  etc

silence falls.

dad's got a weird obsession with the bathroom over there.  He's -always- yelling at the kids to get out of the shower. 

dad was bitching.  "Fucking hate all you guys.  Fucking hate yous cunts.  None of yous can behave in school.  No wonder I fucking hate yous cunts."

dad last night.  All the lights were out in the house.  Yelling at JayJay.  "Oooooh!  I'm a big fat cunt and I'm scared of the dark!"

jayjay: this house is so fucked up

dad: you know why it's fucked up?  Because wankers like you live in it.

jayjay making muffled sounds, arguing, can't hear him clearly.

Dad's voice cuts in loud and clear "Then why are you hiding for you fat cunt!?"

jayjay:  I'll tell you something!  The aboriginals come from Croatia!  It's true!  The aboriginals traveled from Croatia!

I just called the cops on the neighbors.  dad came home, I hear the sound of smacking, jayjay screaming 'get away from him' and the girl's freaking out.

jayjay refuses to leave

dad's giving him shit for punching holes in the wall

now he's telling jayjay to stay out of his business dealing with dylan (I think)

"you don't know what he's up to!"

Jayjay has changed his shirt three times today.  and it's 11am.

dad's out, so he's walking around lost without anyone to annoy.

in and out of the house, just pacing and looking for something to do.

True story.  I used to find a lot of kitchen knives in my back yard.  One day I heard dad bellowing "Where's all my fucking knives gone!?"

dad, talking about the kids:  Weird fucks, man!  I told ya!  They're all weird fucks!
Why do I gotta live with a bunch of fucking weirdos?

dad: To me, you're a piece of fucking cunt mate.  I can't stand you, brotha.  Biggest piece of shit I'll ever know.  Not a very smart guy are ya?  To me you're a piece of shit.  You're a wanka.  Keep goin' to your mother's.  Sorry, I'm sick of my wall being punched.  Biggest piece of cunt goin'.  You wait and see, you wait and see ya wanker.  Retard cunt.  Go and be a retard cunt to your mother.

JayJay's just laughing.  "WOOOO!   WOOOO!  HAHAHAHA!"

dad to Dylan: You play up, this is what you get!

Dylan: I wasn't playing up, dad!

dad: You did yesterday!

dylan: That was yesterday!!

I could only hear dad's side of the following exchange:

Dad: "Don't talk back to me!  What a loon, what a loony cunt!"

"Ah well!  Learn to be a normal child, mate!"

"Go away!  I don't want to hear it!  Fuck off!  I don't want to hear it!  I don't want to hear your dumb shit!"

"fuck off man, fuck off jayjay!  No, I'll never listen to you!  Never!  I won't play for fuck all, mate!  Sorry!  I won't pay for jack shit!"

"Who gives a fuck about little kids?  You're not my boss!  None of yous are my boss!"

"wonder why? Wonder why?  They're not weird like you."

"cool story bro.  Cool story bro.  Good story man!"

"it is life.  It is life.  It is life."

"I'll never feel sorry for you."

"Laters!  Bye!  Good story!  Bye!  Hooroo!"

dad's screaming at jayjay to leave

jayjay's outside telling him 'don't come looking for me.'

Fundamental disconnect here.

Dad's screaming that it's JayJay's fault, Dylan's screaming back "I blame YOU!"

Dad's screaming "Get out of my fucking house Dylan!"  "No!  I ain't goin' nowhere!"

JayJay and dad are screaming at each other.  Dad's seething, snarling every word. Sounds like JayJay is watching a movie on the computer and refused to help dad do something. 

Dad lost his shit.

Now JayJay's demanding dad acknowledge that Christmas is only 3 months away.  "Three months, dad.  Christmas is three months away.  Three months!  And I'm gonna get that bike!  I'll get that bike for Christmas, dad.  "

Now he's adamant that he will get a girl one day.  "I will get a girl, dad.  I will get a girl one day."

Jayjay's out behind the house, killing himself laughing.
It's the funniest thing he's ever heard by the sound of it
"hahahahaha brookie ran out of milk"
"it wasn't me, dad.  brookie ran out of weetbix.  she ran out of milk, hahahahaha she ate all the weetbix hahahaha brookie ran out of milk hahahaha she ate all the weetbix hahahahahaha"

Well, JayJay's still at home, dad's yelling at him again
"You're being a cheeky cunt, dad!  Fuck off!"
"No mate!  I don't want you here in my life!"

Dad: "Shut your fucking hole, before I cave your head in."

"Fuck you, dad!  I'm sick of your shit!"

Dad, with a morning pep talk to his kids:  "Is that how you talk to people?  Is that how you talk to me you smartass cunt!?  You cheeky fucking asshole!"
jayjay:  I don't want nothing from you!  So fuck off!
dad: hey buddy, buddy!  Keep laughing, joke's on you mate.

dad: Wake up to yourself before I kill you!  I'll kill you ya little spastic cunt!"
"I'm warning you, I'll fucking hurt you ya fucking cunt!"
"Do you understand me nooooow!?"

"Do it again and I'll slice your guts open!"  <- dad

Jayjay: I'm older dad.  I'm older now.  That's why, dad!  I'm older!  I'll hit you back!

dad: stop swearing all the time!
dylan: YOU stop swearing all the time!

dad: "well I tell you one thing.  He's Australian.  He's not African.  He's not African."

There's some weird woman's voice coming from jayjay's place.

Brooke's screaming "Everyone!  Shut the fuck up!"
but the woman's getting really shrill.  Could be mom?  Might be dad's sister.

the adults are just ignoring Brooke, who is getting more and more upset. She's been told to go to bed but the adults are yelling.

Every time they raise their voice she starts screaming.

woman: "yeaaaah.  She's a junkie anyway."

woman: "I'm not a junkie!  I've never shot up in my fucking life!"

Cue muffled screaming and yelling, truck starts, brooke's screaming gets quieter as she's (apparently) driven away somewhere.  Dunno who else was in the truck.  SIlent next door now.

Serious threat from dad: "Turn it off or I'll turn the internet off!"  The whole internet.  No.  Plz don't.
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