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Subject: FriendFeed: Speaking of RSS...
Friendfeed is a new service (Now dead, since Facebook bought them out) that allows users to collate their RSS feeds into a single place, allowing other people to subscribe to them.

I know a few people use feeds to stay abreast of posts on this forum, but how many of you also track MyOpera page, NFGGames and the other places I'm likely to say or find something interesting?

In addition, FriendFeed allows me to quickly bookmark a link or comment, twitter-style, making my FriendFeed a pretty great place to see what I've found that's interesting.

If you don't know what feeds are...  They're basically summaries of webpages.  The updates - just the content, not the whole page, but each new update by itself - are issued in a smaller format.  These updates, or newsfeeds, are collected automatically by newsreaders.  Now, instead of checking four different news sites, three forums and the blogs of all your friends, you simply subscribe to their RSS feeds and then ALL these sites will update on your feeds.  You can recognize a feed by the RSS icon [Image: /grafx/RSS.png].

Opera has a built-in feed reader, and even puts the RSS logo[Image: /grafx/RSS.png] in the address bar if a page has a feed (or feeds) you can subscribe to.

[Image: /grafx/OperaReader.jpg]

There's a huge number of RSS clients available, and many websites devoted to allowing you to read and manage your feeds.

If you use FriendFeed to manage your feeds - and it's really easy to subscribe to all your friends' data (flickr, facebook, etc) then your friends can then subscribe to your feeds, and everyone can see how varied and intelligent you are.  =D

If none of this seems interesting or useful, then you're like me: WTF do I need feeds for?

But you try it, and there's no going back.  Suddenly all your favourite places are on ONE PAGE.  For me, I suddenly stopped missing news when I failed to check a webpage often enough.  New events pop up on your screen (when using Opera) soon after they're posted. 

Try it.  You'll like it.  =)
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