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Subject: Do your own work
There's a woman/girl/whatever I sit next to at work who's registering a load of correspondence onto the records management system, which is basically what we do all day, at the end of it all. Hey, it's a good rate, I'm not complaining.
Anyway, she just sorted a whole load of emails into date order and put them on my desk. A quick glance says about an inch of paperwork. Single pages.
Then she says to me "Can you just quickly register those for me?"
I said "Why can't you do them?"
She said "Because you type faster than me so I thought it'd be easier."

Easier for you, maybe!
Just because I can type faster than you, doesn't mean I'm going to do all your work!

Anyway, I said no, because I'm busy enough as it is, so now she's changed her lunch plans and is in a mood with me.

"...either stop and think or fuck right off" (TheOutrider)
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