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Subject: Mad Drops
On Saturday I struck out with a couple of guys (And a pair of girls) to do some concentrated shooting.  One of the places we found was a site I love for photos, but the guys found a jump I never thought I'd see.

It was a four metre gap (or so) and a four metre drop, with an additional 3-4 metre fall if they missed the gap.  It was, in fact, the biggest jump I've seen anyone do, far bigger than Mincom, and it scared me a bit.  What if they missed?  Would I be liable?  Serious injury or death was certain if they didn't make the gap, or slipped off the wall.  I was definitely more scared than they were!

I was actually running through the mental checklist: Call the cops?  Run?  What would I say?

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O_O who is that guy? and should he have been doing that jump? because to me it looks ridiculous and i can only think of a handful of people in Australia who are at the level of conditioning and skill necessary to do that jump safely.
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That's Betroot from pkaus.  He and the other guy (who isn't on the forum) are both in good shape and train hard, and have for a while.  As for whether they should have done it?  I don't think it's a question I can answer. 

If anyone wants to do it in the future I'm going to think hard about whether I want to be involved.  It's serious shit.
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My first thought when they said they wanted to do this jump was WTF?!

It seems stupid and careless but you have to give them credit for a) having the balls to do the jump and b) being able to do the jump without dying.

It was pretty impressive, and they got so pumped from it! Even though we shut them down a few times. Then again.. I was put on bag minding duty =p.

'Twas also funny to see five windows of the building in front of the jump open up and watch them all (assuming) call security as we hastily walked away.
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olly and i were looking at that the other day, and we still wouldnt really think bout seriously doing it. Berny is right, and they are crazy. Maybe olly and i will have a challenge in brisbane now, something to make us wanna train lol.
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