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Subject: 10 new Revoltech IdolM@ster figures
So in Japan there's this game called IDOLM@STER, where (I presume) you do stuff with j-pop idols.  It doesn't fucking matter really, 'cause that's not why we're here.

Revoltech are the masters of posable figurines.  You might remember them from such memorable threads as King Gainer & Battroid Valkyrie and Macross Zentraedi BattlePod and Dangaioh and Chick with Wings...  Well, now they've made some IdolM@ster figures, and I'm compelled to a. tell you about them and b. buy at least one of them.

[Image: /grafx/Toys/revoltech_idolmaster_1.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/Toys/revoltech_idolmaster_2.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/Toys/revoltech_idolmaster_5.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/Toys/revoltech_idolmaster_3.jpg]

The last one, on the right, particularly attracts me.  How can you not want to buy a cute chick in a skirt wearing cartoonish catpaws?   Oh, and the first one on the left!  Check it out: Antennae!  <glee!>

There are plenty more revoltech figures in the "Frauline" range too.  Evangelion, um...  Other stuff...  Whatever, I'm not geek enough to care what they are, I'm just geek enough to buy them.  =D
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