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Subject: Hacking the GC Hori Pad
Quite some time ago I really wanted to use my NeoGeo joystick on the GameCube.  Hudson had released Star Soldier, and it was a great game, but you had to frantically pound the fire button to get the best weapon...  And this was nigh impossible with a regular GC pad.  It was only moderately easier with Hori's SNES-style GameCube pad...  And since I didn't have a GC joystick available, I needed to come up with something better.

And this was it.  In a somewhat sacriligeous move I hacked up a Hori GC pad, not knowing that years later they'd be somewhat rare.

...Actually I probably wouldn't have cared.  =)

This image was for my own benefit: where to cut, without wiping out any components I needed, and what trace on the PCB was for what button.  It was easier to do it this way than try to figure it out after cutting the PCB...  In hindsight I could just as easily have made notes on a piece of paper...


I was quite lucky that every necessary component of this pad was in a small cluster.  Once cut, I had only to run a handful of wires from this central area to the DB15 connector...  Presto!  Instant NeoGeo -> GameCube adaptor.

The final touch was, of course, to shove the entire contents into a gutted Dreamcast 3rd-party memory card...  It fit remarkably well.

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