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Subject: Neo Geo Joystick Mech
The SNK Neo Geo cartridge system had a pretty great joystick (read the review) bundled with it.  The internal mechanism was so solid and reliable that it was used again for the Neo Geo CD stick, and for several other joysticks from other manufacturers (and probably arcades as well).

The mechanism of this stick seems to be a Seimitsu part, though the exact model is unknown.  It shares basically the same base as Seimitsu's LS-22 stick, and LS-30 rotary joystick, and some design elements are similar to Seimitsu's newer LS-32 stick.  It's not likely to be a clone, unless it's a very very good one: in addition to being the same high quality in appearance and function, it uses the identical screws as the Seimitsu parts.

The NeoGeo and LS-32 baseplates are very similar.
(click for larger)

There's nothing in this joystick that's unlike every other joystick but it has a very short shaft, which results in a short-throw movement that I find very appealing.  It has a square gate, which I don't really enjoy as much as a nice 8-way gate, but in pretty much every other respect it's a superb joystick.

The NeoGeo and LS-32 baseplates are very similar.
(click for larger)

There are several other joysticks that use the same or a similar mechanism.  Shown below are two, a Sigma 2200-TB and an ASCII Stick II Turbo (AS-5599-MX).

As is normal for sticks as old as these, they could do with a good cleaning and lubing now and then, but otherwise they're maintenance-free.  They're nigh impossible to break, and the switches are usually name-brand and unlikely to ever need replacing.

Special thanks to MKL for the info, Sigma stick and comparison pics!
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An extremely similar stick has been found in the Dreamcast Innovation Arcade Stick:

Thread on SRK Tech Talk
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