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Subject: Men's Bras
I've been seeing recently some ridiculous things coming from Japan: Men's Bras.

The idea is ludicrous, and it sounds much more like marketers inventing a craze than an actual new popular product. 

Japan Today article

Manufacturer's site

[Image: /grafx/throwaway/mensbra01.jpg]

Quote by JapanToday:
“Well, we started hearing a while back from male customers who said they wanted a bra,” the spokesperson explains. “Lately women have taken to wearing men’s underwear as a matter of fashion. Why shouldn’t the reverse be true too? So we developed a bra for men.”


Good for him—but what about the svelte Bakko? You’d think he’d have nothing to put into a bra, but there’s more to this than meets the casual eye, as he explains to Maiko: “My nipples are dark and very big. They show even through a T-shirt. But look, Maiko! With this bra on, you can’t see my giant nipples!”

Right, so, they developed a bra for guys 'cause women like to wear men's clothes.  Sure, 'cause that's perfectly good logic to use when launching a new product.  AND this guy, who complains people can see his nipples, doesn't have a problem with people seeing a bra instead!?

Fuck right off.

These don't even look like they're any different from normal bras.  If you're really trying to create manbras, and not just whipping up an artificial craze, you'd make changes.  Remove the underwire, for example.  No one with breasts so small the 'cup' is flat need a fucking underwire!

I call bullshit.  It may not be a hoax, but it's definitely not an undiscovered market.
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AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA oh wow..words can not describe the hilarity/stupidity.
Trust the Japanese to come up with something like this.
“Be conservative in what you do; be liberal in what you accept from others.” J. Postel
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I always laugh when something that was created as a joke turns into a real item. Like this, the manssiere (or Bro) from Seinfeld.
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Let's not misunderstand this as something sexual. The idea of crossdressing in Japan is not popular by any measure, but when it happens it's generally borne out of an idea that femininity is associated with strength. That's why there are perfectly heterosexual boys who dress like Motoko Kusanagi on the streets of Shibyua (and at American anime conventions.) I find myself completely able to accept this, absurd as it sounds on the surface.

Men who are not pirates started wearing earrings fifteen years ago. This feels like just another thing that equalizes the genders. But don't come to me with news until male nurses and male nannies are something normal, rather than something that elicits a dismissive sneer.
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