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Tim Rogers babbles on for a while.
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Subject: On Japanese Games
Tim Rogers, a delightful young scamp living in Japan and living the life of an intellectual ne'er do well, recently posted a self-described "near-incomprehensible wall of text" over on Kotaku.  In typical Tim Rogers style he makes a few very interesting points, and pads these points with so much other stuff that you're always wondering if he's a blubbering lunatic or if perhaps you're a huge idiot.

In any case, down near the end of his textual rampage, he says this:

Quote by Tim Rogers, god's gift to keyboard sellers:
Way back in the 1980s, Nintendo was trying hard to outlaw game rental in Japan. They managed to succeed. What stingy consumers started doing was buying games, clearing them, and then selling them back to used shops as soon as they could. Sometimes, an interesting-looking game would come out, and a potential buyer would decide to wait for a used copy. (Maybe this sounds familiar.) A used copy doesn't amount to any money for the developer or publisher — just for the shop.

So what game developers started doing was

1. Making games needlessly difficult
2. Padding games with artificial barriers such as level-grinding, side quests, etc

What an interesting interpretation of a decidedly un-fun aspect of gaming.  I wonder how true it is.

Naturally, he follows up this interesting gem of what is almost certainly lopsided wisdom with his usual insanity vector adjustment:

Quote by Tim Rogers, Paid by the Word:
I tried to explain how creepy it was that Pikachu and jets had nothing to do with each other, that, as it was their coexistence was like two plastic-coated mattresses slowly rubbing against each other in a vacuum.
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