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AKA: Love Super Brother
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Subject: Ai Cho Aniki
Quote by Daemon:
its just called LOVE SUPER BROTHER, and it has semi naked man flying around, doing gay gestures.  No way its a gay game, oh no.

There's not really any defense to this. I don't believe the game is overtly homosexual, but I'm not a teenaged boy in a chatroom questioning my own sexuality and trying to impress my peers with my manliness. That really seems to sum up the two types of people who have heard of this game: Those who, after playing it for only seconds, denounce it viciously as 'gay' and those who give it time and are merely confused.


Read the rest of my review...

(This is a 'reprint' of an old game review I did.  Enjoy!)
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Hey, I've finished this game (and the one for Saturn) and it's pretty gay. Weird too, for sure, but come on. Look at the final boss in that video!
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