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Subject: Asciiware Super Advantage
I have a new toy, but I didn't want to post about until I was sure that it worked:


I don't remember if Ascii became Hori, if a company called Hori bought out Ascii, or what order it happened in. All I know is that in the 16-bit era, Asciiware was the go-to source for arcade-styled controls. Of course, in our youth we didn't know the difference between microswitches and PCB membrane contacts. As long as there was a great big ball-head joystick and giant buttons to slap, we could pull off a shoryuken fireball more reliably than the guy with just the tiny, girly D-pad.

This was seven dollars from a thrift store on the way home from work. Over the last year or so I've picked up from this place a couple of Dreamcasts, some lonely 32x games, and some surprisingly collectible mint-in-box items. The joystick works perfectly, although it could probably stand to be pulled apart and cleaned. I also understand that this type of mushy membrane stick can be modified slightly to pivot more cleanly and produce more distinct diagonals.

The funny thing is, I don't even like the Super Nintendo all that much. I'm more a Sega fanboy, and you can tell that just by looking at my controller collection; six Genesis/Megadrive joysticks, ten Saturn sticks of all description, and a lovely pair of Dreamcast arcade-styled sticks. This is honestly the first third-party SNES controller I've ever owned.
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That is a great stick, like most of the ASCII sticks of that era.  The variable turbo-fire speed for each button is a nice feature.  ASCII made a few others, notably a similar-looking pair for SNES and Genesis, using the same joystick mech.  I used to swear by them when they were new - we played the crap out of Super Street Fighter with 'em.  Nowadays though I find the plastic fulcrum and membrane contacts too squidgy to be totally enjoyable.

The buttons though tend to stick if you hit 'em on the edge instead of in the centre, and that's the main reason I don't have one.  They'd bind often enough that I'd get pretty pissed off using it. 

Interestingly, that same stick was released in Japan, where the styling was out of place - it matches the US SNES, not the JP SuFami...  Though the buttons match the SuFami and not the SNES.  =)

ASCII was bought out by Sammy, who promptly cleared out remaining inventory and re-used a few molds, then stopped producing sticks entirely.
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I'm seeing the problem with the buttons, and it looks like the fit in each hole isn't snug enough because the top surface is quite thin. There's enough lateral play in each button to make an angled entry a possibility. Looks like this could easily be fixed with longer shafts coupled with deeper holes.
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