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Subject: Max Headroom's Guide to Life
OK, so back in the eighties there was this short-lived TV show called Max Headroom.  It was a remarkably forward-looking show about Network 23, a TV station constantly vying for viewer attention, and their star reporter Edison Carter.

It featured the eponymous Max Headroom as a disembodied head floatiing in every TV, a kind of CG AI construct.  Anyway, the show failed 'cause Max Headroom was an advertising shill flogging Coke and all kinds of other rubbish, and no one watched the show to find out it was, in fact, particularly awesome.

In the back of our office we found the previous tenant's stuff tucked away, and inside one rat-eaten box was Max Headroom's Guide to Life.  If ever there was a cash-grab product released to try and make some quick money off a popular thing, this is it.  It's incredibly badly written, completely random in scope and focus, and is generally as piss-poor attempt at humour as anything I've ever seen.  It's realy fucking awful.


This pisses me off quite a bit 'cause I really loved the show, and feel particularly disappointed by its unused potential.

Anyway, consider this paragraph on pets:

Quote by The Book:
(a) Goldfish
I often wonder what goldfish have done to deserve spending their lives in a bowl or a plastic bag.  Who singled out goldfish to be a prize for being macho and ringing the bell at a fairground?  Let's face it, you wouldn't get too many Gerry Cooneys in a fairground if the prize was a sack full of rats!  No, the priorities are all wrong here.  Leave the rats to run fairgrounds, let goldfish free, and put Gerry Cooney in a sack.

The whole book is like that.  Two unfunny writers bashing on to make word-count before the six hours they were given to write this thing pass by.
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