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Wierd shit that happens after photoshoots
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Subject: Taking photos and shitstorms
A few days ago I went to the grand opening of the new and improved studio for the pole dancing studio that KC goes to. I have been there a few times and generally take some photos, so as usual before I went I asked the owner whether or not its cool for me to bring my camera and take some snaps, to which she said yes as long as I don't go selling them or generally publishing her new tricks to the world. To which I happily agreed, I just wanted to practice and get some shoots of girls doing cool stuff.

On the night I got some interesting photos:


I then put all the photos up somewhere were the girls who were at the party can get them, they had to have the URL though, so the photos were not Public or Published.
Obviously many of the girls saved their photos and put them on facebook, soon after the owner started harrasing KC telling her to take all photos of her down and asking whether the girls had given permission for their photos to be taged on facebook (duh! they did it themselves!).
This morning she messaged me on facebook:
her: The evening was for everyones entertainment not to be used for others to gain from.
me: ?
me: I'm not sure what you mean, no one is gaining anything.
*person is offline*

I don't get it.
The photos were not published.
Those that ended up on facebook were put there by the people in the photos.
No money has changed hands at all (other than the money I payed to enter the party).
The photos that are popping up on facebook are good marketing for her.

Yeah...I really don't get it.

*update: I'm in the process of adding the companies symbol as a watermark to all the photos. I think she has some serious 'you are stealing my ideas' issues.
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She's pretty clearly blaming the wrong party here.  You got permission to take them and not publish them.  The subjects of the photos are certainly free to do what they like with their likeness, and they have, so you're clear there too.  You cannot protect ideas, except by never showing them to anyone.  If she's got super-secret awesome-sauce pole techniques, she either shares them with the world or she practices them alone.

If she was REALLY serious, she'd be asking the girls to take them down.  And, if the girls really appreciate the photos, they'll be telling this woman that they appreciate your work, and take some of the sting out of it for you.

Anyway, you're legally and - perhaps more importantly - morally in the clear as far as I'm concerned.
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