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Subject: Rape Sims: A good thing
There's been some recent furor over Japan's long-standing production of hentai games.  It was on the TV last night where a Western-looking Asian reporter feigned shock over the games so common in Japan.  I'm here to say that I fully support the production of rape and other nasty games.

And the foundation for this support is the same as my support for other virtual crimes, and it's a two-pronged base:

1. If no one is harmed, no crime is committed.  We can't have a system of laws based on encourages and incites and desensitizes.  You cannot change a society's mores with laws, it just doesn't work (nor should it).

2. Allowing special interest groups to ban things they don't like is a sure-fire way to create a pathetic, child-coddling society where no man is free to make his own choices.  For every feminist group harping on about how no one should support the rape of women! and child-protection group screaming protect the children there's a nutball religious cluster who thinks women shouldn't wear pants.

Once you start letting groups with agendas have their way with personal bugbears, how can you stop?

It's a vicious spiral that no sane person should ever have entered.  I'm no fan of rape games, I'm no fan of child porn cartoons, but I will fight for their legal right to exist.  Any other path is simply inviting the most restrictive mind to tell us all what to do, and unless you want the Taliban to run your life, you should re-think your support for any of the above.

You might agree with some of these restrictions, but remember: if you support one, how can you not support the rest?  Just as I don't support YOUR ideas, what difference does it make if you don't support THEIRS?  There is always someone somewhere who has a more restrictive mindset than yours.  We should not create a world for the least tolerant people.

So ultimately, yes, I am glad rape sims exist.  That they do means we are not yet prevented from doing what we love in the privacy of our homes, free to think and fantasize about whatever we like.  We should protect the real women and children, men and animals, but the virtual ones do not require our help.
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Oh come on, we already kill/rape/torture/whatever each other in real life. Like banning video games of the same thing is gonna stop any of it.
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