My Neighbors

I live in a low-income area near Brisbane, in the state of Queensland, Australia. Working from the top, that means I’m in an area that is several rungs down the ladder of social awareness and respectability. Most of the people around here are working class or lower, and my neighbors are amongst the lowest of that.

They don’t cause us a lot of grief, but for the sore muscles from laughing at them so often. They don’t steal our stuff, set things on fire or break our windows. It seems that they are quite content to limit their insanity and destruction to themselves.

What they lack in vision, they make up for with gusto. Wow, do they have the gusto.

Dad‘s a shouting lunatic, a veritable sociopath, with a short fuse and a small mind that’s mostly filled with foul language. He’s watching over three kids at the moment:

  • JayJay, who I reckon is 14, and completely unable to connect consequence to action.
  • Dylan, who’s probably 7, clever, and a real shit disturber.
  • Brooke, who is about two years old, and whose first word was ‘cunt’.

RayRay, JayJay’s older sister, has been gone for about six months. Apparently she’s pregnant and shacked up with the father, I don’t know if that’s true. Mom’s been gone a few years, but while she was here I was pretty sure she was dealing drugs and apparently prostituting herself. Now that she’s gone the house has settled into a sort of routine: Dad shouts at the kids, and the kids orbit around him like wasps, causing him endless grief.

The story starts in 2008 over on the old NFGworld forum.

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