Jun 2 2014

PC Engine Magazine Retrospective

The rise and fall of the PC Engine, viewed through a 43GB archive of magazine scans.

Mar 9 2014

Problems with MAME (update: SOLVED)

For a while, a bug in MAME made it impossible to get good screenshots. It’s long been fixed, but it’s described here anyway.

Feb 25 2014

Updating the NFG Book

A long while ago I was asked to write a book about video game pixel art, but at the last minute told to focus on something that really wasn’t my forte. So I started working on a new book about the things I wanted to write about.

Feb 25 2014

Book Review: Influx, by Daniel Suarez

I’m a very fussy reader. I require my stories to be smart, and the characters in them to be relatable. When a story’s premise is daft, I can ignore it for the sake of a rollicking good yarn, but if the people are stupid I can’t continue for long. It’s the same for movies, which […]

Feb 4 2014

iiNet mailed me a KYP USB key

I received an interesting thing in the mail yesterday, it’s a USB dongle from iiNet, a large Australian ISP.

Jan 27 2014

Robotron: Sprites and Fonts!

Ripping the fonts and sprites from Robotron 2084.

Jan 20 2014

Comic Coincidences

The story of how I ended up working on a comic that was never released. Also boobs.

Jan 15 2014

Repairing Robotron

The long story about resurrecting my Robotron arcade board, and most of its peripheral parts.

Sep 30 2013

Hacking car stereos

I re-wired the Honda CR-V steering wheel buttons so they’d control a Pioneer deck. Added two new buttons too!

placeholder image
Aug 4 2013

Tales from the Arcade

I’m on holiday in Japan, where the retro game scene has imploded upon itself, and so my thoughts turn with a distinctly rose-tinted nostalgia to my own gaming history.  Things were, as you young whippersnappers must know by now, so much better when I was your age.

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