[ Aug 29 2016 ]

Cactus Radio Trigger for Ricoh Theta S

The Ricoh Theta is a great camera, but what if you could trigger a flash with it? Spoiler: you can’t.

[ Aug 24 2016 ]

Ricoh Theta S Review

The Ricoh Theta S is a great, tiny little device that takes a spherical 360-degree image in one go.

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[ Dec 1 2006 ]

Some new pictures

I took some new pictures recently. I’m particularly proud of the first one, a Spotted Katydid. The next is a Jewel Spider, then an unidentified grey spider, and finally some sort of beetle… You can click them for larger images. There are, of course, more images of bugs and other animals.

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[ Jan 3 2006 ]

Getting a new camera

I’m going to get a new camera. I probably won’t be able to afford it until I get paid for the book, but that said I can’t really afford anything until I get paid for the book. Moving on: I currently have a Canon G3, which has served me very well for a very long […]

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[ Nov 18 2004 ]

New Camera

I’m desperately keen on the new JVC video camera, the Everio MZ-GC200. It’s a palm-sized video camera with features that make me drool, hardcore: 10x optical zoom, 2-megapixel camera, dual memory card slots (SD + CF) and far more. It’s about a grand street price though, so it’s going through a more rigorous vetting process […]

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[ Jul 24 2004 ]

Canon, why do you hate me?

Why does Canon hate me? My beloved and uber-capable Powershot G3 developed a really strange issue with horizontal lines in dark shots, so we called Canon. “Sounds like a problem with the CCD!” they said. So we took it into Tokyo, to their Akihabara QR Factory (Quick Repair) and were promised a fix in a […]