[ May 24 2013 ]

Penny Arcade Report – The XBone Thread

Going off a bit about the XBone back when such things mattered to me.

[ Apr 29 2013 ]

Rediscovering: Metal Warriors

How is Metal Warriers, 20 years after it was released for the SNES? Still brilliant.

[ Apr 14 2013 ]

Ghouls n Ghosts Sprite History

Capcom’s Ghouls n Ghosts series had some brilliant sprite art. Here’s a look back at Arthur, the series’ protagonist.

[ Apr 7 2013 ]

Interview with Henk Nieborg (2)

This is a followup interview I did with Henk Nieborg, focusing mostly on the Nintendo DS release of Contra 4. Sadly I promptly lost this text, and finally published it a loooong time later. And now I’m re-posting it because stuff and etc but whatever! Henk’s an awesome guy with awesome pixel skills. check out […]

[ Apr 7 2013 ]

Interview with Henk Nieborg

Near the end of 2005 I interviewed Henk Nieborg, one of the greatest pixel artists around. He’s been pixelling since the earliest days of the C64, and he’s still going strong today – he recently completed all the backgrounds and boss art for Konami’s DS release of Contra 4. The interview was printed in my […]

[ Apr 5 2013 ]

WonderBoy Sprite History

This is one of a series of articles about sprite histories (see: Mario, Sonic, Castlevania, Bonk, and MegaMan). There’s an updated version of this page right here!

[ Mar 20 2013 ]

Best game cover ever?

Is this the best game cover ever? I think it just might be.

[ Mar 7 2013 ]

The problem with Zen Pinball

There aren’t many companies making pinball games, and fewer that are basically only pinball creators. Zen Studios do make other games, but they’re secondary (and basically irrelevant) compared to their pinball offerings. They take pinball seriously, and they make games that successfully walk the fine line between sim and game: serious enough that they’re basically […]

[ Mar 5 2013 ]

Real Racing 3, In-App Purchases, EA and CliffyB

The internet is a funny thing. Where else can you read about people you’ve never met talking about games you’d never play and then participate in the conversation as if somehow it has anything to do with you? Anyway, a few days ago Cliff Bleszinski (aka CliffyB) was epic trolling, and made a few ridiculous […]

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[ Feb 6 2013 ]

Star Wars Pinball

Zen Studios has announced Star Wars Pinball which might actually be the best-ever use of the license.

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