[ Mar 7 2013 ]

The problem with Zen Pinball

There aren’t many companies making pinball games, and fewer that are basically only pinball creators. Zen Studios do make other games, but they’re secondary (and basically irrelevant) compared to their pinball offerings. They take pinball seriously, and they make games that successfully walk the fine line between sim and game: serious enough that they’re basically […]

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[ Feb 6 2013 ]

Star Wars Pinball

Zen Studios has announced Star Wars Pinball which might actually be the best-ever use of the license.

[ Jan 19 2013 ]

Android Review: Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot Pinball

Sometimes things surprise you. On the Zen Pinball forums someone mentioned this Rob-O-Bot pinball game and said favourable things about it. Others agreed, the developer chimed in, and so I went and had a look. I had seen the developer’s other games in Google Play, and been unimpressed. They looked… Amateurish. Maybe they were awesome, […]

[ Jan 6 2013 ]

Zen Pinball Review: Civil War

This is a pinball table with a story to tell. Specifically a story about a bunch of masked bodybuilders with their underwear on the outside of their latex suits. It’s not weird if you’re a comic book fan, but for someone who has been out the superhero phase for, like, 25 years, it’s a little […]

[ Dec 26 2012 ]

Zen Pinball Review: Excalibur

Excalibur is a table that is probably a perfect example of Zen’s problem with table design: it’s a colourful contrasty miasma of fancy artwork, and trying to figure out where the hell your ball has gone is an exercise in frustration. The fun comes after long hours learning the playfield and you can intuit its […]

[ Dec 26 2012 ]

Zen Pinball Review: Tesla

OK, so this review will be very short, ’cause I’ve got half an hour’s play time on this table, and I still have yet to start a lit round. It’s been 100% random ball flipping so far, without any special rounds being activated. What do I have to do, you guys? First impressions are solid. […]

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[ Feb 15 2006 ]

Blasts from Ye Olde Pasts!

These posts are really old, but it might be worth revisiting. They came to the fore again curing the conversion of the old archives. There’s some pictures (most with boobies) of the lovely new Psikyo Visualworks Poster Book. A Herzog Zwei review. Herzog Zwei was, if you didn’t know, the first ever Real Time Strategy […]

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[ Jan 29 2005 ]

Two game guides – Works in Progress

I’ve been working on a couple of game guides. Hudson’s Nectaris is one of the greatest hex sims ever made. I’ve put together a light guide to the basic strategic elements of the game, with more to come. For more detailed info, Base Nectaris offers more on the series than any other site I’ve seen. […]

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[ Mar 6 2003 ]

Three new game reviews!

I’ve been busy. Here’s some writeups for some games you’ve probably never seen or even heard of:Korokoro Post Nin for PS,Power Rangers Pinball for PS,Necronomicon Pinball for Saturn. All three are loaded with screenshots and a review, please check them out.