[ Jan 19 2013 ]

Android Review: Super Hexagon

There are games that are hard because they demand concentration and timing, and there are games where you’re not asked to do anything particularly complicated but your brain just freaks out and you die ’cause somehow, deep in your grey matter, the bits of your brain that process are shaking so gleefully that the bits […]

[ Jan 6 2013 ]

Zen Pinball Review: Civil War

This is a pinball table with a story to tell. Specifically a story about a bunch of masked bodybuilders with their underwear on the outside of their latex suits. It’s not weird if you’re a comic book fan, but for someone who has been out the superhero phase for, like, 25 years, it’s a little […]

[ Dec 26 2012 ]

Zen Pinball Review: Excalibur

Excalibur is a table that is probably a perfect example of Zen’s problem with table design: it’s a colourful contrasty miasma of fancy artwork, and trying to figure out where the hell your ball has gone is an exercise in frustration. The fun comes after long hours learning the playfield and you can intuit its […]

[ Dec 26 2012 ]

Zen Pinball Review: Tesla

OK, so this review will be very short, ’cause I’ve got half an hour’s play time on this table, and I still have yet to start a lit round. It’s been 100% random ball flipping so far, without any special rounds being activated. What do I have to do, you guys? First impressions are solid. […]

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[ Nov 24 2007 ]

A Short Crysis Review

Far Cry was awesome, totally cool, with a wicked setting and solid game beneath the unparalleled graphics. Crysis is the sequel, the game that many people – myself included – had firmly in mind when building a new PC not long ago. Read on for my review… And please, beware of spoilers! I really loved […]

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[ Nov 9 2007 ]

Xpand Rally – A Brief Review

It’s a little known secret that I love racing games. Not just any kind of racer though, but the rare breed that strikes a balance between simulation and arcade action. Tokyo Xtreme Racer and Sega Rally for the Dreamcast are two examples. Race, upgrade, race some more. Realistic as I want it to be, with […]

[ Oct 12 2006 ]

Kororinpa – Nintendo Wii Game Review

When the Wii was released in Japan there was one game that was better than the rest. This is it.

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[ May 22 2006 ]

Silent Hill 3 Review

Having recently acquired Silent Hill 3 after trying for three years to find a complete Japanese version with all the packaged extras, I have created a belated review of this instant classic. Silent Hill 3 Review

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[ May 14 2006 ]

Introduction and Air Diver Review

Well… Lesse… I run the site Megadriver.org and do my best to update it every decade or so. NFG Games has helped inspire me to actually publish some long lost articles and reviews I have written over the years. With that in mind, here is the first of what I hope to become a regular […]

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[ Feb 15 2006 ]

Blasts from Ye Olde Pasts!

These posts are really old, but it might be worth revisiting. They came to the fore again curing the conversion of the old archives. There’s some pictures (most with boobies) of the lovely new Psikyo Visualworks Poster Book. A Herzog Zwei review. Herzog Zwei was, if you didn’t know, the first ever Real Time Strategy […]

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