[ Mar 17 2019 ]

Face Blindness

A friend of mine discovered, as an adult, that she’s been face blind her whole life. It was a remarkable and powerful discovery.

[ Apr 10 2018 ]

Beautiful Rant: My Life

Gravis rants about stuff that really does suck. It’s good.

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[ Mar 11 2018 ]

The danger of algorithms

Some smart people are scared of artificial intelligence, of machine learning, but not in the sci-fi robots-gonna-eat-us way. The reality is worse.

[ Sep 5 2016 ]

A View of Old Akihabara

Akihabara ain’t what it used to be, but what is? Here are some then and now photos.

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[ May 1 2015 ]

Militarization and Societal Polarization

Talking briefly about what seems to be a concerted effort to shift cultural and societal thought about the veneration of our military services.

[ Jul 16 2013 ]

America: Schizophrenic Clusterfuck

If freedom of speech only applies when convenient, it’s not a freedom at all.

[ Jul 9 2013 ]

The machines are getting it wrong.

People make a big deal about machines learning about us to try and sell us stuff. But so far it seems that the machines are getting it wrong.

[ Jul 8 2013 ]

Something interesting is afoot.

A brief look at three events around the world that really clarify, in my mind, why privacy matters. It matters, because if the bastards decide they don’t like you, you’ve given them the ammunition already.

[ Mar 15 2013 ]

Donkey Kong and Sprite Hacking

I could just as well have titled this post Historical Revisionism in Video Games… I used to play devil’s advocate without considering my words first. I’d rage against anyone and anything that seemed to be putting forth ideas I didn’t like, and I didn’t care if anyone was upset by it. Now I’m older, and […]

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[ Mar 5 2013 ]

Stupid Stupid Stupid

The police clusterfuckery here is just staggering. Someone mis-heard Fresh Prince lyrics on a voicemail recording in Pennsylvania, and a student was arrested, held for three hours because they thought the song said he was going to go on a shooting rampage.

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