[ Feb 5 2013 ]

The same god?

The Taliban shot a young girl in the head, you may have heard about it. She was taken to the UK and patched up by the best people and techniques medical science has to offer, and she appears to have come through successfully. And she wants to help people, and educate people, and bring about […]

[ Jan 13 2013 ]

Turkey Censors the world!

I’m sure Turkish authorities wish they could control the whole internet.  A lot of countries do, ’cause let’s face it, the internet is chock full of embarrassing shit, and that can’t be allowed, right? Turkey actually emailed me to let me know, in somewhat uncertain terms, that this article breached their internet law 5651 which […]

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[ Jul 8 2006 ]

Working in an Indian call center

So not long ago I had to call 3, my cellular provider. While we waited for answers I chatted up the girl who answered the phone. The company that pays them chooses their name. Though she said her name was “Julia” she confessed that it wasn’t her real name, and said it was assigned to […]

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[ Nov 27 2004 ]

“It’s me” fraud in Japan

You see in the news an awful lot how crooks call old people and somehow confuse them into believing the caller is a relative in desperate need of cash, defrauding them out of thousands and often tens of thousands of dollars. It’s called “It’s me” fraud in Japan and it’s quite an epidemic, if the […]

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