[ Jul 9 2013 ]

The machines are getting it wrong.

People make a big deal about machines learning about us to try and sell us stuff. But so far it seems that the machines are getting it wrong.

[ Apr 18 2013 ]

Australia, lol

Australia bickers over the internet. 25 megabits, or 100 megabits? Meanwhile Japan is rolling out 2 gigabit – 20x faster than Australia’s biggest dream.

[ Jan 13 2013 ]

Turkey Censors the world!

I’m sure Turkish authorities wish they could control the whole internet.  A lot of countries do, ’cause let’s face it, the internet is chock full of embarrassing shit, and that can’t be allowed, right? Turkey actually emailed me to let me know, in somewhat uncertain terms, that this article breached their internet law 5651 which […]