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[ Dec 24 2003 ]

Tweaks + fixes etc

I’ve tweaked the video primers I put up two days ago, and added a whole ‘nother page, bringing the total to six pages. Please enjoy!

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[ Dec 23 2003 ]

New Video Primer: Complete!

I’ve been working on this for more than three months, but finally figured out how to put it all together coherently tonight. This is a layman’s introduction to a number of different things, starting with different video formats and how they stack up in terms of quality and resolution. There’s also a series of supplemental […]

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[ Apr 7 2003 ]

Neo Geo RGB/Composite Revisions

SNK tweaked the console over the life of the system. No surprise there, gotta keep things moving or you die, right? Well, many in the Neo community didn’t want you to know what changed, when, and how. One secret email to me later, along with a chart and some clues, and… Well, have a look.

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[ Mar 12 2003 ]

Micomsoft’s XSelect-D4 Reviewed

Jeremy Pallant may be long winded, but he’s also very thorough. Please read his incredibly detailed review of Micomsoft’s world-beating XSelect-D4 component/RGB transcoder. Update! Jeremy’s whipped up a shorter NFG-style review if you want to get the bottom line faster.

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[ Jan 8 2003 ]

Neo Geo Video System Detailed

I’ve made a comprehensive list of differences between old and new Neo Geo cartridge hardware. Please have a look. Warning: Technical!